Tuesday, February 24th: Angela Booker “Finding, Making, and Repairing Ethical Practices in Community-Based Research”

SED Poster_Angela BookerTUESDAY, February 24th
2:30 – 4:30 PM

Drawing from community-based research with youth and families, Angela Booker will trace the complexities of negotiating textures of agency and calls to action that permeate both ethnographic and design-based work. When challenges to existing discourses of power are added, ethical quandaries and opportunities emerge. This workshop will explore the possibilities that these ethical issues present in the context of community-based research with youth, and beyond. Following this discussion, workshop participants are invited to collaborate in small groups to explore the emergence of ethical opportunities, expectations and the divergence of practices that branch from the ethnographic and research-related experiences of participants.

Suggested Reading:
Goldman, S., Booker, A., & McDermott, M. (2008). Mixing the Digital, Social, and Cultural: Learning, Identity, and Agency in Youth Participation. In Youth, Identity, and Digital Media (p. 185–206). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.